White Knight


RELIABLE PUMPING WITH WHITE KNIGHT PUMPS. The all PTFE/PFA award winning pump that is reliable, quiet and contamination free.


The unique award winning design of the AT series pumps means that its bellows can last up to 10 times longer than competitive pumps. This is backed by the unique warranty on these pumps.

Quiet, Low vibration

Low noise means operators like the pump – especially in an environment where noise is additive from multiple pumps or clean air hood etc. Low vibration means that other components around the pump can also last longer.

Contamination Free

As all pumps fail at some time these pumps have an extended warranty which is longer than most. The AT and APFM designs ensure that only pure virgin PTFE/PFA ever comes into contact with your chemical, even if the pump fails your chemical lines and storage facility do not become contaminated.

No Adjustment - No Re-torquing - A true production pump

Long term instability of PTFE and PFA under mechanical stress normally leads to leaking seal or o-rings. Competitive pumps require pm adjustment to take up any slack in the seals or connections. While this can be OK on a benchtop, most pumps are accessible only with difficulty as they are inside machines. What’s more if they have been leaking acid prior to the pm then this can also place the engineer in unwarranted danger. With White Knight once the pump is in forget it for a year!
The Synchro-thread technology compensates for material creep or long term deformation associated with soft materials. The « no-o-ring » design reduces another source of potential leaks.

High Temperature Stability

Uniform thermal expansion ensures high temperature operation up to 210°C. Good design with the patented Synchro-thread also takes account of thermal contraction so the pump remains sealed even if put through several temperature cycles. (After all most customers don’t keep systems at temperature for a whole year!)


For more detailed information on White Knight, please visit the White Knight website.