In our SEMICONDUCTOR TECHNOLOGIES & INSTRUMENTS division, we focus on providing you solutions for the back-end processes of — laser marking, mark and lead/ ball inspection, lead conditioning, reject management and tape & reel .

Integrating our proprietary laser vision technology, our equipment perform additional value-added processes such as pre-mark orientation check and post-mark quality inspection.

In line with the fast changing needs of the semiconductor industry, we constantly innovate to bring you better products and services. Our « INTEGRA » series integrate up to 10 backend processes onto a single platform allowing you greater flexibility, reduction in manual material handling and provides significant floor-space savings.

We have also entered the new emerging market for water level packaging and also auto die sensors which offers a complete quality package inspection known good and water level csp.


The Integra « HEXA » is integrated series, that combines up to six semiconductor back-end processes into a compact system. This system reduces manual material handling and provides significant floor-spacing savings.

The Integra « HEXA » is capable of incorporating the following processes :

Bottom PVI

  • Bottom PVI

OTF 3D Lead Inspection

  • OTF 3D Lead Inspection

Orientation/Mark Inspection or Top PVI

  • Orientation/Mark Inspection or Top PVI

Tray Output

  • Tray Output

Dual Tape & Reel Output

  • Dual Tape & Reel Output

In-Pocket Inspection

  • In-Pocket Inspection

iSort Auto Die Sorting System

iSort is an intelligent die sorter which sorts dies into tape and reel at high speed. Adopting ASTI’s propreitary vision technology, iSort inspects and sorts wafer level chip scale packages into tape and reel. The intelligent vision capability ensures that only quality devices are picked and placed into tape and reel using a special vision guided Pick and Place System.

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