Generate your own “PSL Wafer Standards and Process Particle Wafers”

Model 2300 NPT-2, PSL & Particle Deposition System

A high performance system for depositing PSL Spheres and Process Particles. on bare silicon wafers, film deposited wafers, pattern wafers and wet process wafers. Excellent control is provided for deposition location, size, count, and particle type. PSL Wafer Standards are used to calibrate non-pattern and film wafer inspection systems. Particle Wafer Standards are used to improve the cleaning efficiency of wet and dry wafer cleaning stations, thus increasing device yields; and are used to calibrate film/pattern wafer inspection systems.


  • Advanced Differential Mobility Analyzer, (DMA) to filter out doublets, triplets, Haze particles from depositing on the wafer standard surface
  • Certifies PSL and Particle sizes to NIST Standards, Calibrate KLA-Tencor SP1, SP2, SP3
  • SEMI S2, S8, S14 compliant, CE Compliant; NIST SRM Calibration Routines
  • Recipe Controlled, Process Monitoring; On the Fly Particle Concentration Control, Plug and Play PSL Bottles
  • 1-12 PSL sizes deposited at 1 – 50 spots anywhere on the wafer, plus Arc, Full, Ring depositions
  • 20nm to 1um NPT Deposition, PSL and Process Particle with 2um Direct Bypass PSL Deposition
  • Optional 20nm to 2um with 3um Direct Bypass PSL Deposition
  • Optional NPT-2 200mm Bridge
  • Optional 2300 NPT-2SE providing Surface and Edge Deposition on 200mm and 300mm wafers

Aerosol Particle Size Spectrometers

The Model 1000XP Wide Range Particle Spectrometer (WPS™) is the most advanced, aerosol instrument combining laser light scattering with electrical mobility analysis and condensation particle counting to provide a single instrument to count and size aerosol particles automatically from 10nm to 10,000nm (10nm) in diameter.

The Model 1000XP WPS™ incorporates a miniature Laser Particle Counter, a miniature Differential Mobility Analyzer, a new state-of-the-art, high- performance Condensation Particle Counter, and advanced electronics to form one of the most advanced aerosol particle counting and sizing instruments available. The instrument is intended for basic and applied aerosol research, and aerosol measurement for scientific, technical, and industrial applications. Lan and Wireless connections are provided for remote operation.

For more detailed information on MSP, please visit the MSP website.


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