SCI Automation

SCI Automation is an engineering facility organized to bring to the market small to large quantities of standard or fully customize equipment.  A customer oriented company which offers systems that are tailored to the customers’ needs rather than offering purely standard equipment.

To Bring to the market State of the Art Automation systems that pass in quality of the design and definition of the process, available competitive solutions.

To assess the customer requirements and translate them into a working industrial solution, saving customer’s time and effort in developing required automation solutions.

SCI Automation specialized in

  • Integrated plasma or vacuum systems

  • Vacuum and Plasma Applications

  • Applications where automation is required in vacuum or pressurized or controlled atmosphere environments

  • Automation for material movement and tracking

  • Automated welding applications

  • Custom Automation for the Semicon,Automotive and Related Industries.

  • Applications for die sorting, binning

  • Led on wafer with spectrophotometer measurements

  • Wafer scanning for defect control and mapping.




For more detailed information on SCI Automation, please visit the SCI Atomation website


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