Dynatex International is a world leader in wafer/diode die separation products for semiconductor and related industries, providing fabless services, equipment and materials.

GST Scriber/Breaker

The GST equipment is automated using a Windows™ NT interface, ensuring consistency and speed. Once the test wafer or laser bar is calibrated, production wafers move quickly through the process with little production support. Within seconds of proper alignment, the GST processes the wafer or laser bar and is ready for more in a 24/7 production environment.

GST Benefits

  • Zero kerf loss allows higher die density on the wafer
  • Superior yield and improved efficiency
  • Increased production rates
  • Chip free results
  • Less residual stress
  • No toxic water discharge
  • No D.I. water costs
  • More real estate; narrower street widths

How Dry Process Dicing™ Works

Using a gem quality diamond scribe tool, the GST equipment scribes a precision 3-5 micron scribe line along the narrow streets between die on the surface of the wafer or laser bar. From the bottom of the wafer, the breaking mechanism delivers an exact impact to the scribe line, held in place during impact either by an anvil on the surface of the wafer or with vacuum from the bottom side. The wafer breaks along the scribe line, cleanly separating the die.

Scribe Capabilities

  • Continuous Scribe: primarily used to separate ICs.
  • Skip Scribe: ideal for laser bar applications with a blocking feature.
  • Edge Scribe: used for wafer cleaving.
  • Up to 150mm: configured for material up to 150mm in diameter.

Breaking Methods

  • Non-Contact Breaking: used to break wafers with delicate topside features (>7:1 die aspect ratio).
  • Anvil Breaking: the conventional break method used for most scribe and break applications.
  • Break Only: used on materials already scribed by either a laser or saw scribe.


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