TPS is a global leader in thermal products that offer cost effective, high quality and environmentally responsible products. One of brand of TPS is Blue M. The goals of Blue M are new equipment that meet new requirements and improved equipment to perform existing jobs. Blue M have different products such as a world class Manufacturer of Industrial Ovens and Environmental and thermal shock chambers.

Environmental Chambers

Over a period of five decades Blue M has evolved into a world class facility for the design, engineering, and manufacture of environmental chambers. The people of Blue M have the technical expertise, skill, and experience that create a product, which delivers a greater return on investment time-and-time again. The Blue M line of Environmental Chambers includes Full Range Humidity Environmental Chambers, Temperature/Humidity Environmental Chambers, Full Range Humidity Environmental Chambers, Ultra Low Humidity Environmental Chambers, and High Temp/High Humidity Environmental Chambers.


  • Safety Ovens
  • Mechanical Convection Ovens
  • Industrial Batch Ovens
  • High Temperature Convection Ovens
  • Economy Ovens

Integrated Thermal Inline Curing Oven Solutions

  • VICTOR™ Vertical Inline Curing Tower Oven
  • MicroBatch™ II Inline Curing Batch Oven
  • Ultima™ II Vertical Thermal Curing Oven
  • Advantage Thermal Curing Solution (TCS)

Blue M Industrial Ovens, Environmental and Thermal Shock Chambers and Curing Ovens

Blue M blends together innovative technology, global vision, customer awareness and advanced manufacturing capabilities to provide the ultimate in thermal inline curing solutions.

This combination delivers innovative solutions with proven technologies in a fast and cost effective manner to our customers.

Our products exhibit excellent cure process control, improved equipment reliability, reduced maintenance requirements and factory solutions that coupled with automation and up/down stream manufacturing integration, resulting in efficient cost of ownership, and significantly decreasing total throughput time.

Blue M Advantage TCS-I/II
Providing total solutions to our worldwide customer base through process/package development, automation creativity, defining and developing new technologies.

Burn-In Ovens

Blue M ovens have earned a long-standing reputation fir exceptional performance, long service life and ease of operation over a broad range of applications.

Oven Features

  • Heavy gauge steel exterior and stainless steel interior, all exterior panels are at least 16 gauge, interior features reinforced 304 stainless steel.
  • All welded and sealed construction assures trace oxygen levels and eliminates gas migration into insulation.
  • Fiberglass insulation - 4 full inches minimizes heat loss.
  • Baked on powder-coated enamel finish for long-lasting corrosion protection.
  • Blue M silicone door seal design for positive sealing of door.
  • "Clean side walls for unobstructed side-by-side installation.

Uniform, Accurate and Reliable
Temperature Control

  • Available with profiling or single setpoint temperature controls.
  • Horizontal or vertical air flow allows maximum flexibility of product fixturing.
  • Double plenum design is tuned for optimum uniformity and is removable for cleaning.
  • Exclusive Eterna™ heating elements are the most reliable available.
  • Watt Watcher™ air flow system automatically compensates for load variations caused by wattage dissipation. Automatic motorized damper allows for rapid cool down.
  • Standard door interlock shuts down oven if door is open during operation.
  • Customer power supply interlock shuts off power if door is opened or on chamber fault, protecting the product and operator.
  • Oversized direct drive blower has a multi-blade centrifugal blower with the matched helical scroll. The blower is dynamically balanced for minimum noise and maximum reliability while delivering a high volume of air.

Standard Batch Oven Options

  • 10" circular chart recorder
  • Floorstand for BI-9 and BI-9V models
  • Lead-in ports

Engineered Oven Options

  • Rear access door (s)
  • Redundant overtemperature protection
  • Welded and steel interior
  • N2 purge
For more detailed information on TPS, please visit the Thermal Product Solutions website.


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