Providing low cost solutions to automation problems in semiconductor final manufacturing.

Northwave designs and manufactures the EM 1 Test Handler Emulator. The EM 1 is a flexible, low cost, easy to use, “universal” test handler designed specifically for semiconductor test development and other low volume applications.

EM1 - Test Handler Emulator

The EM 1 is the first ever test handler emulator. It is specifically developed to be used at semiconductor design centers to allow engineers to develop test programs and debug test hardware, such as contactors and load boards, using an inexpensive tool while maintaining compatibility with production systems that are used in manufacturing locations worldwide.

With the EM 1, the users can incorporate exactly the same load board contactor, tester to handler docking hardware, communication software, and in many cases even conversion kit parts such as alignment plates and work presses (or nests), as used in their production machines. It gives engineers an alternative to either manually testing/debugging new test processes or using expensive test-handling systems that could be better utilized in a production environment.

The EM 1 is a full featured, tri-temperature, pick-and-place test handler. In addition to its practical use in design centers, it is also ideally suited to many “traditional” test-handling applications, such as low volume, small lot, or long test time requirements.

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