Vacuum Technology

Wafer / Tape is mounted inside a vacuum chamber.

This advanced method gives you the following benefits:

  • Nothing touches wafer except tape and edge support.
  • No roller required
  • No more difficult alignment of roller/wafer parallelism, roller cleaning, and no pressure variation on wafer due to different thickness.
  • Absolutely no air bubble and better adhesion.
  • Tape tension is controlled and programmable.
  • Quick change wafer chuck

LH832 – Semi Auto Contactless Wafer Mounter

  • Air Bubbles Free Mounting
  • Minimal Contact with Wafer
  • Vacuum Mount, No Roller
  • 3" to 8" Wafer Capability
  • Partial Wafer Mounting
  • PC Controlled

LH860 – Fully Automatic Wafer Mounter

  • Same characteristics as LH832 with full wafer and frame cassettes loading ⁄ unloading capability
  • UV Tape Capability
  • High Accuracy in X-Y & Theta Rotation
  • Possibility to add in option an automatic wafer ID reader and bar code printer

Longhill offers also a single unit LH890A) for Wafer ID reader and Bard code printer.

For more detailed information on Longhill, please visit the Longhill website.


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